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Independent Business Advisors Network of New Zealand

te whatunga pūtohu Pakihi o Aotearoa

About iBANNZ

iBANNZ was nurtured by a group of like minded, and experienced individuals, to effect a step change in the advisory industry. From it’s inception there has been an ongoing commitment to create an organisation that has it’s members and their clients at the centre of what they do.

The logo encapsulates, and thus highlights, the 3 key parties in the association – the Advisor, the Client and the Network.

Advisory businesses exist that trade commercially for financial gain and operate under an umbrella, possibly with a group dynamic. iBANNZ was born from the need of those who may trade independently, and in isolation, to have a network of trusted peers whose major preoccupation was to afford clients the greatest pool of advice and opinion such that they would realise their goals and further success. 

iBANNZ also supports their clients with the knowledge that they will receive expert advice from accredited business advisors.

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New Zealand’s only registered Independent Business Advisor Association supporting qualified advisors to achieve their and their clients goals.

Members have been serving our business communities since 1997

Our members have been serving the SME community within New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands for many many years now. They all have specialties that align to the entire business model which supports the business owners through to success. Each member is enhancing their value through continuous training and applied education. This while being supported by a membership team behind them. 

Our combined knowledge is our collective wealth

With a group of highly experienced business advisors working in a collegial manner it allows their clients to not only have a one on one experience but the support of many other advisors as well from multi differnet industries. This collective experiance is a massive advantage to SME’s and provides a high quality service with great results. 

Getting Better every day

By working together and sharing ideas, members will learn from each other, grow as people and in turn assist clients to learn and grow.

Respect and Care for Others

We believe it to be a fundamental human right and duty to look out for each other’s welfare. The old saying of, ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’ is what we believe in.

Spirit of Adventure

By being involved in the journey as a Business Advisor, as group we will have fun, discover new pathways, and ensure that as Trusted Advisors, we keep each other abreast of the latest trends and thinking.

Commitment and Loyalty

By being a member and Trusted Advisor of iBANNZ we aspire to remain committed and open and honest in our interaction with each other. This level of loyalty will ensure each Advisor’s current and prospective clients allow them to see that by working with a member of iBANNZ means working with a respected professional.

Our Vision

To empower Independent Business Advisor professionals to transform the lives of New Zealand business owners through quality business advice.

Our Mission

We create an environment for Independent Business Advisor professionals to collaborate, advocate, innovate and learn.

Our Values

Getting better every day – Respect and care for others
Spirit of adventure
Commitment and Loyalty

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