ADVISOR support 

iBANNZ fully understands the challenges of being a independent business advisor can be. To help, we have teamed up with a set of affiliates who have the collective experience and understanding of our industry to support all advisors

Business Support Studio

  • Website Development
  • Surveys – Client/Staff
  • Brand Promotion
  • Email Marketing

Whether you are starting out and need support to develop a website and your branding, or are now well established and need help with surveys, marketing etc., we understand your needs and have you covered.

New Consultants

You have a long history of business success within a corporate environment and now feel you have something to offer as a consultant within your industry or business in general as many of the principles apply across all industries.

However, a newly established consultant is usually somewhat surprised that the admin/marketing/sales processes, so taken for granted in the corporate world, are now their sole responsibility. And if they have no training in those particular areas, the processes can now become laborious and time consuming.

On top of this you have to develop a pipeline and, once you have a client (or two), work on their business as well as your own.

Your objective is to build your book as fast as you can, but you keep getting bogged down in the minutiae of your own business while working on your client’s as well.

When you start with us we ensure we know who you are: your strengths, your industry, your needs; and we develop a wrap-around brand image that will sell you to the prospect by presenting a coherent and professional profile.

We are committed to developing your business. Because when you succeed, so do we!

Established Consultants

You have a full book and are enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Your clients are happy and then, for whatever reason, they start dropping off and it’s back to the grind of finding prospects and making the sale.  What if there were another way?

We can lighten the load of ensuring your presence is known in your chosen industry. From nurturing your prospects so that they are still there when you are able to take them on, to giving your new clients the best possible service when you start your process, our aim is to provide you with a consistent income.

By applying our Brand Audit, we ensure that your online presence broadcasts a consistent message, and that you are projecting the right image and talking to the right people. Our tried and trusted new client process will give you and your customers confidence to move forward in your new relationship. Once all of the building blocks are in place, you can rest easy or progress onto the next rung of the ladder and double your income.

Beyond Consultancy

Your base is established. You have the clients, and yet you are still working harder than you want to. You have followed the process; you have a full book and are now thinking about working less. But how do you achieve this without decreasing your income? What’s the next step?

The next step is training, writing a book or holding events that people actually pay for!

We can assist you with those goals on a bespoke basis – after all, everyone’s path and aspirations are different. Perhaps you need videos, help with events or technical assistance with setup.

Talk to us about your needs and see how we can assist.

When we partner with you we ensure you maintain a consistent and coherent business presence across your professional communication.  It’s the visual impact that gets your message across to your client, and gives them confidence. Online and on paper, we are promoting your brand.

And that doesn’t only apply to you – we can also look after your customers with state of the art websites and help them with their own marketing requirements, Google Ads or SEO.