iBANNZ was nurtured by a group of like-minded and experienced individuals to create New Zealand’s first creditable Business Advisor support network. From its inception there has been an ongoing commitment to create an organisation that has its members at the centre of what they do.

IBANNZ is an association for Business Advisors that endorses and strengthens the value of providing sound business advice. We promote collegiality amongst our members whilst being the first association solely representing independent Business Advisors in New Zealand.

iBANNZ was born from the need of those who may trade independently to have a network of trusted peers.

iBANNZ provides a forum to share ideas and advice, and a culture of collegiality and friendship.

Many of our advisors are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN) and have registered services to provide co-funding arrangements with them via the management voucher capacity fund.

iBANNZ is open to membership from active Business Advisors throughout New Zealand.


    Upcoming Events

    iBANNZ Monthly Zoom Meetings:

    As notified first Monday of each month

    iBANNZ Conferences:

    Three times per year. March, July and September. Contact us for details.

    Why Register?

    iBANNZ gives independent Business Advisors the opportunity to mix with other vibrant and innovative Members through an association driven by the shared belief that individual members can increase their knowledge from the experience of the other members in the network which, in turn, can add to the quality of advice given to both their clients and other advisors.

    iBANNZ is a registered society (Independent Business Advisors Network of New Zealand Incorporated) and is a membership organisation governed by a constitution and by-laws.

    Our History

    iBANNZ was formed by a group of Business Advisors with a common purpose, as set out above in 2020.  The founding members have been in the Business Advisory sector since at least 1997.  In 2019 a number of individual Business Advisor groups started talking about having an independent Business Advisory Association.  

    As discussions continued through mutual associations these groups joined into a consolidated group of Business Advisors who formed iBANNZ.  After several Zoom meetings an inaugural face to face meeting was held in June 2020 to agree the Rules of Incorporation, Officers and Committee members and other requirements to form an Incorporated Society.  iBANNZ was officially formed on the 30th June 2020.