iBANNZ is a credible not for profit organisation and voice on the value of good business advice. We promote collegiality amongst our members while being the only association solely representing business advisors and their clients in New Zealand. 

iBANNZ is currently in the process of becoming CAANZ training accredited for relevant Business advisors and client education. 

Many of our advisors are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN) and have registered services to provide co-funding arrangements with them via the management voucher capacity fund.  Find out more here. 

iBANNZ will promote surety of the level of service to all current and potential registered business advisor clients. 

    Our Vision & Strategy

    Through leadership and engagement, we drive a culture of integrity, fairness and transparency across our membership. We influence change that has a positive impact on the industries we are involved with.

    Through our purpose we aim to bring our members up to a “best in class” standard. We provide our members with the opportunity to participate, contribute, learn and influence positive outcomes for SME’s in New Zealand.

    iBANNZ Purpose

    The purpose of the Society is to:

    • Provide relevant training to its Members by way of workshops, conferences, webinars, and other training methods.
    • Provide a mechanism whereby Members can have open discussions about potential issues including changes in legislation, new technologies, new ideas, etc. that maybe helpful to other Members.  
    • To help preserve and protect the health and wellbeing of its Members and families.
    • Promote Member collegiality so that they are more willing to openly discuss matters with other Members.
    • To provide client cover to individual Business Advisors in times of need.
    • Promote surety of level of service to current and potential clients.
    • Promote the interest of members.

    Why Register?

    iBANNZ gives independent Business Advisors the opportunity to mix with other vibrant and innovative Members through an association driven by  the shared belief in the need for great quality advice for New Zealand businesses.

    iBANNZ is an registered society (Independent Business Advisors Network of New Zealand Incorporated) and is a membership organisation governed by a constitution and bylaws.

    iBANNZ purpose is to support business advisers to deliver great service.

    Member Resources

    Once the strategy is created and the necessary resources are in place, it is time to efficiently and expeditiously implement the plans in order to achieve the organisational goals. That is why we are committed to helping our clients achieve world-class business improvement. We develop and define operational strategies and partner up with our clients in the quest of making lasting improvements in their performance. We are experienced in operations work and committed to finding a plethora of unique workable solutions for clients. We are supported by a group of dedicated specialists and experts around the world. Our work is unbounded – and we serve a wide range of industrial, process, and service-oriented companies and can help any organisation align operations with strategy.

    SME Strategy is undoubtedly the most important factor in long-term sustainable success. By creating a new strategy or altering the existing one as a result of ever-changing market demands, you are taking the first step to becoming a leader, a winner in your respective field, industry, region, and ultimately, in the global marketplace. Even with availability of only negligible resources but with the right strategy incredible success can be attained, whereas the opposite is almost never true— even the most bountiful resources can be quickly squandered away if appropriate strategic steps are not taken. Therefore, our members concentrate on planning by engaging the leading experts in business strategy for brainstorming sessions for the client’s benefit.

    SMEs have always been the backbone and impetus for growth in our economy.  However, their path to success is not easy. New Zealand business owners tell us of their many challenges growing the business for export. Competing with ‘cheaper’ imported products is another huge issue.

    If we are to constantly raise the bar for New Zealand businesses, we need to effectively apply the principles of governance best practice.

    You are finally ready! After all the years in business it is time to allow your younger family to take over.  Either that or you want to sell. Succession is one area that always seems to become prominent in almost every business evaluation we do. It’s like the last move in a chess game.

    Using that analogy, the final move has usually been set up many moves before. It is no different when selling your business. Our Members have vast experience in setting businesses up for sale or providing succession planning that adds value to your business.

    The value we add manifests mainly in increased financial return, but it can also include the restructure of the business model to give the new owners the best opportunity to continue the success story. To be able to exit your business on terms favorable to you realise all the effort you have put into a lifetime of managing your business successfully. We believe it is important that the owner receives market value and the business has been set up for sale and is robustly positioned for the future.

    If you’re considering starting a business, New Zealand is an excellent choice. We’re the easiest country in the world to start a business. There are few restrictions on establishing, owning and operating a business here. The process of starting a business can be completed in a matter of hours. Having a great idea is just the start. Validating it and bringing it to the market offers many minefields.  Even if it is mitigating risk and no pursuing your idea at all. Our members help you through all these stages, while minimizing costs and protecting your idea. 

    Our History

    iBANNZ was formed by a group of Business Advisors with a common purpose, as set out above in 2020.  The individual members have been in the Business Advisory sector since at least 1997.  In 2019 a number of individual Business Advisor groups started talking about having an independent Business Advisory Association.  

    As discussions continued through mutual associations these groups joined into a consolidated group of Business Advisors who formed iBANNZ.  After several Zoom meetings an inaugural face to face meeting was held in June 2020 to agree the Rules of Incorporation, Officers and Committee members and other requirements to form an Incorporated Society.  iBANNZ was officially formed on the 30th June 2020.