Mike Hoare

Business Advisor – Peak Strategies Limited

Mike has extensive corporate and SME experience fixing distressed businesses and making good businesses great. Never missing a budget in his 30 year award winning career, he now loves doing the same for his client partners. 




I work with Multinational Corporates and Small to Medium Sized family businesses, helping owners and leaders: 

Strategic Planning – Establish a simple yet comprehensive “One Page Strategic Plan” that provides clarity and confidence for you, and the right focus and success culture for the whole team

Business Growth Strategies – Develop bullet proof growth plans that bring step change, based on strong innovation strategies and supported by sales and marketing plans that deliver results

Profits and Cashflow – Unpack your P&L and implement simple strategies to multiply your profits and put cash back in your hands.

Business Rehabilitation – Identify and ringfence distressed areas of your business, then deal with them quickly and effectively

Executive Coaching – Coach your skill sets to take you to the next level, breaking through any “Glass Ceilings” that might be holding you back

Empowered Teams – Build and optimise teams that are kicking goals and having fun doing it, by placing the right people in the right roles, supported with the right culture, delivering results for both you and them

Team Training & Equipping – Provide training for teams in, Leadership, Personal Development and Communication effectiveness

Find Freedom – Achieve time freedom and get your life back, and mapping a way forward to your desired end game with confidence

I take your business personally and am zealous to get my client partnerships the right result, which I guarantee.

5 Important things to know about Mike Hoare:

  • Successful, award-winning Corporate Executive, never missed a budget in 30 years
  • “Go to Guy” for Distressed Business units
  • Founded profitable start-ups
  • Teach courses on; Personal Growth, Leadership, Communications, Influence.
  • Represented NZ in Rowing, played Senior Rugby, husband, father, fisherman, biker, active in local church ministry work

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Double major Marketing /Agri & Hort Business) (Massey Uni)
  • Numerous Courses on Strategic Planning (Auckland Uni)
  • Leadership Course (Insead Uni, Singapore)
  • Cultural Intelligence Courses (Shanghai)
  • Numerous HR and Team Development Courses 
  • Certified John C Maxwell Trainer and Consultant

35+ years of business experience including:

  • Director
  • Business Owner
  • Business Consultant
  • Managing Director
  • various Sales and Marketing Management roles


  • Building Products & Hardware
  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Supply Chain
  • Private Label
  • Services
  • B2B
  • Animal Health
  • Retailing
  • Product Development
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture & Horticultural


I work with Businesses across all NZ and Australia. I am based primarily in Auckland & lower Northland.

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