Gerald Delany

Business Advisor – Vital Signs Limited

Gerald specialises in helping business owners deal with the things they’d rather not do, or just keep putting off into the future. Gerald can make a major difference with issues like difficult staff, performance management, sales management, cashflow and budgeting, and of course succession and exit plans.




With more than 20 years in the business advisory and training field, in addition to one-to-one advisory work, staff surveys, customer surveys and team conferences, Gerald is also an entertaining conference speaker, and can customize topics to suit your business. 

Gerald’s background is in engineering – and still keeps a close eye on engineering developments.  His first business experience was at the age of 19 in the UK, and he has since developed a very wide knowledge of small and large enterprises in many different industries including:

Has successfully coached over 300 new businesses through the start-up and early growth stages.

    • Worked with a variety of Government Business Development programmes.
    • Particular areas of focus are profitability, quality control, marketing, staff issues, financial reporting structures, gaining the competitive edge and franchising.
    • Was a founding partner in Advantage Business Ltd from 2003 till 2018, helping the company grow to a peak network of 25 business advisors covering New Zealand.
    • Believes in ‘plain English’ explanations and offers practical, real-life grounded, coaching and mentoring.

Restores Vintage Motorcycles and Antique Lathes for a hobby – and maintains a sense of humour….

Qualifications & Experience

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Business experience:

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  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Food and General Retail
  • Trades, including Building and Construction 
  • Automotive Industry
  • Health Practitioners and Therapies
  • Education and Training


  • Auckland

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