Teams, Suppliers and Customers

During the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks put together a great team performance to beat the Pumas in the first of the semifinals.

In the second semifinal, Owen Farrell nagged and backchatted so much to the referee, that he was marched back 10 metres, making a difficult penalty kick just that much easier for Handre Pollard, who slotted the kick for a vital 3-points.  South Africa then going on to beat England 16-15.  

It is our experience that businesses that treat their Teams, Suppliers and Customers with respect fare better than those who use arrogance as their key management tool.  Generally, if you look after your people, suppliers, and customers, they will also look after you

The main advantages of looking after both your internal and external teams are:

  • Staff will go the extra mile when required to get out rush orders or make up production after a machine failure.
  • When stock is in short supply, Suppliers will supply their good clients first.
  • When cashflow is tight, Suppliers will often give their good clients extended turns for a period of time.
  • Looking after Customers often means a higher retention rate and a bigger share of the customer purchases.
  • When cashflow is tight, offering payment plans to customers who are struggling will often lead to increased sales to those customers when their cashflow and performance improves.

The key to retaining good relations with staff, Suppliers and Customers is good meaningful communication