Are You an Independent Business Advisor or Coach Who Would Like to Sometimes Meet and Chat with Other Independent Business Advisors and Coaches?

Independent Business Advisors Network of New Zealand (iBANNZ) is New Zealand’s first registered Independent Business Advisor Association supporting Business Advisors and Business Coaches to achieve their goals.

Officially registered in 2020 as New Zealand’s first creditable Business Advisor and Business Coaching support network, iBANNZ has since been nurtured by a group of like-minded and experienced individuals, so that, from its very inception, there has been an ongoing commitment to create an organisation that has its members at the centre of what it does

iBANNZ was born from the need of those who may trade independently to have a network of trusted peers on whose support and counsel they can rely. We provide a forum to share ideas and advice, and a culture of collegiality and friendship.

The Four Pillars of iBANNZ are:

  • A network of fellow Independent Advisors
  • A forum to share ideas and advice
  • A culture of collegiality and friendship
  • A market perception that we are more than isolated one-man bands

Our stated mission is to create an environment for Independent Business Advisor professionals to network, collaborate, advocate, innovate and learn.

If you are an Independent Business Advisor or Business Coach who would like a support network of like-minded individuals, then why not have a look at the iBANNZ website   If you think that this may be something for you but would like more information please email